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  • Moisture & Styling Butter
  • Moisture & Styling Butter
  • Moisture & Styling Butter
  • Moisture & Styling Butter

Moisture & Styling Butter


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OUR BEST-SELLER | As seen on BeautyCutright, Naturally Glam & Natural Hair Box (formerly total moisture styling butter)

Moisture & Styling Butter is a conditioning sealer & styling aid for highly textured naturally coily and tightly coiled hair types. This velvety whipped blend of natural & organic ingredients makes it a powerful weapon against dryness & damage. We've included an abundance of nourishing ingredients in this blend to nurture every strand, promoting fuller, softer & healthier hair overall. This blend goes above and beyond the typical styling product by truly nourishing the hair for improved softness, shine & fullness with continued use. (16 oz pictured)

directions | smooth dime-sized amount through damp, freshly washed hair to nourish, seal, soften and add shine. for longer hair, smooth nickel sized amount through individual sections and proceed to style. add small amount to hair prior to heat styling for added protection. the abundance of nourishing ingredients in this blend means a little goes a long way. Store in cool, dry place to retain whipped consistency. Product is heat sensitive.


  • Softens dry, frizzy and damaged hair which helps to ease detangling & minimize damage incurred by styling & manipulation
  • Seals moisture into strands, making it possible to have moisturized hair for up to 3+ days
  • Provides amazing definition for twist, braid & knot out styles
  • Protects hair from environmental damage
  • Gives hair amazing shine
  • Whipped texture makes this blend light & airy, providing nourishment without being overly heavy & making application a breeze


  • Organic African Shea Butter | a vitamin rich emollient that conditions, softens, nourishes, seals & protects the hair
  • Organic Hibiscus | treats hair loss, promotes hair growth, feeds hair with nutrients, treats dandruff, helps reduce tangles by sealing the hair cuticle
  • Organic Burdock Root | nourishes and strengthens the hair follicle, gives hair a healthy sheen, promotes hair growth, calms irritated scalp, gives body to limp hair, combats breakage and hair loss and repairs damaged hair.


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