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Authenticality Company (ACO)  is a lifestyle brand that inspires authenticity, individuality, positive self-expression & a positive self-image. At its core, our company is a vehicle of positive change for men & women. Our goal is to promote holistic wellness, enriching mind, body & spirit. We accomplish this by creating natural & organic products while educating our audience on the benefits of natural health. We inform & encourage our audience via our various campaigns that inspire personal growth, confidence, personal responsibility & a life of impacting others.


As a company, we embody rich values that are evident in our every gesture:

  • Authenticity
  • Individuality
  • Audacity
  • Self-Expression
  • Impact
  • Awareness
  • Wellness
  • Integrity
  • Legacy


In a world where there is a set standard of what's acceptable, beautiful & popular, we exist to celebrate diversity & the things that make each person unique. We celebrate individuality, creativity, wellness & positive expression. Our products are a part of a movement to a healthier standard of self-care. In essence, we are inspiring our audience to embrace their identity without shame, care for & respect their temple, and live as the best version of themselves. 

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